Sara and Kevin at Laurel Creek Manor // Seattle Wedding Photographer

I loved all the emotion and laughter from Sara. She has such a gorgeous smile and didn’t hide it at all! I also loved how she incorporated her favorite show, Friends, in the theme of the wedding. It’s one of my favorite shows, so it was fun to see the shirts and signs she had with Friends quotes on them. I could talk about that show all day long!

It was my first time shooting at Laurel Creek Manor and I absolutely LOVED it! Its such a gorgeous location, even after a large storm had passed. If anyone is looking for a great wedding venue, this is a gorgeous location!2015-11-08_01842015-11-08_0185 2015-11-08_01822015-11-08_01832015-11-08_0186 2015-11-08_0187 2015-11-08_0188 2015-11-08_0189 2015-11-08_0190 2015-11-08_0191 2015-11-08_0192 2015-11-08_0193 2015-11-08_0194 2015-11-08_0195 2015-11-08_0196 2015-11-08_0197 2015-11-08_0198 2015-11-08_0199 2015-11-08_0202 2015-11-08_02002015-11-08_02012015-11-08_0203 2015-11-08_0204 2015-11-08_0205 2015-11-08_0206 2015-11-08_0207 2015-11-08_02092015-11-08_02102015-11-08_02112015-11-08_02122015-11-08_02132015-11-08_0214 2015-11-08_0208 2015-11-08_0216 2015-11-08_0217 2015-11-08_0218 2015-11-08_0219 2015-11-08_0220 2015-11-08_0221 2015-11-08_0222 2015-11-08_0223 2015-11-08_0224 2015-11-08_0225 2015-11-08_0226 2015-11-08_0227 2015-11-08_0228 2015-11-08_0229 2015-11-08_0230 2015-11-08_0231 2015-11-08_0232 2015-11-08_0233 2015-11-08_0234 2015-11-08_0237 2015-11-08_02352015-11-08_02362015-11-08_0238 2015-11-08_0240 2015-11-08_02392015-11-08_0241 2015-11-08_0242 2015-11-08_0244 2015-11-08_0245 2015-11-08_0246 2015-11-08_0247 2015-11-08_0248 2015-11-08_0249 2015-11-08_0250 2015-11-08_0251 2015-11-08_0252 2015-11-08_0253 2015-11-08_0254 2015-11-08_0255 2015-11-08_0256 2015-11-08_0257 2015-11-08_0258 2015-11-08_0259 2015-11-08_0260 2015-11-08_0261 2015-11-08_0262 2015-11-08_0263 2015-11-08_0264 2015-11-08_0265 2015-11-08_0266 2015-11-08_0267 2015-11-08_0268 2015-11-08_0269 2015-11-08_0270 2015-11-08_0271 2015-11-08_0272 2015-11-08_0273 2015-11-08_0274 2015-11-08_0275 2015-11-08_0276 2015-11-08_0277 2015-11-08_0278 2015-11-08_0279 2015-11-08_0280 2015-11-08_0281 2015-11-08_0282 2015-11-08_0283 2015-11-08_0284 2015-11-08_0285 2015-11-08_0286 2015-11-08_0287 2015-11-08_0288 2015-11-08_0289 2015-11-08_0290 2015-11-08_0291 2015-11-08_0293 2015-11-08_0294 2015-11-08_0295 2015-11-08_0296 2015-11-08_0298 2015-11-08_02972015-11-08_0299 2015-11-08_0300 2015-11-08_0301 2015-11-08_0302 2015-11-08_0303 2015-11-08_0304 2015-11-08_0305 2015-11-08_0306 2015-11-08_0307 2015-11-08_0308 2015-11-08_0309 2015-11-08_0310 2015-11-08_0311 2015-11-08_0312 2015-11-08_0313 2015-11-08_0314 2015-11-08_0315 2015-11-08_0316

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Laura and Branden at The Grand Willow Inn // Mt. Vernon Washington Wedding Photographer

I am SO excited to share this wedding with you!!! This couple couldn’t be any cuter and I am so excited to tell you about their wedding day! Laura and Branden are so so sweet and SO cute. I could tell right away that they were true soul mates. They were loving and tender with each other. Branden treated Laura with so much love, adoration and respect. He was such a classy groom, too! He surprised Laura with a song he sang and played guitar for. I also loved the gift he gave his groomsmen, which was a pocket watch! I have seen many gifts given, but never a pocket watch. What a classy guy, right?! To top it off, him and his mom had a surprise routine dance during the mother-son dance. It couldn’t have gotten more fun than that!

This wedding was so unique in so many way. I loved how Branden’s brother rapped a song for the couple during the reception (and it was GOOD). I loved that Branden and Laura’s vows matched up to be the exact amount of words written, and I loved their love for books. Can you tell in their library theme they had going on there? I always enjoy shooting a wedding at The Grand Willow Inn. Connie and Carmen, who are in charge there, are truly a delight. Connie does so much and always goes above and beyond. I always love the weddings I have when they are there. 2015-11-15_0001 2015-11-15_0002 2015-11-15_0003
2015-11-15_00062015-11-15_00072015-11-15_00082015-11-15_00092015-11-15_00102015-11-15_00112015-11-15_00122015-11-15_0013 2015-11-15_0014 2015-11-15_0015 2015-11-15_0016 2015-11-15_0017 2015-11-15_0018 2015-11-15_0019 2015-11-15_0020 2015-11-15_0021 2015-11-15_0022 2015-11-15_0023 2015-11-15_0024 2015-11-15_0025 2015-11-15_0026 2015-11-15_0027 2015-11-15_0028 2015-11-15_0029 2015-11-15_0030 2015-11-15_0031 2015-11-15_0032 2015-11-15_0033 2015-11-15_0034 2015-11-15_0035 2015-11-15_00372015-11-15_00362015-11-15_0038 2015-11-15_0039 2015-11-15_0040 2015-11-15_0041 2015-11-15_0042 2015-11-15_0043 2015-11-15_0044 2015-11-15_0045 2015-11-15_00462015-11-15_0047 2015-11-15_0048 2015-11-15_0049 2015-11-15_00042015-11-15_00052015-11-15_0051 2015-11-15_00502015-11-15_00542015-11-15_00532015-11-15_0055 2015-11-15_00522015-11-15_0056 2015-11-15_0057 2015-11-15_0058 2015-11-15_0059 2015-11-15_0060 2015-11-15_0061 2015-11-15_0062 2015-11-15_0063 2015-11-15_0064 2015-11-15_0065 2015-11-15_0066 2015-11-15_0067 2015-11-15_0068 2015-11-15_0069 2015-11-15_0070 2015-11-15_0071 2015-11-15_0072

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Avery – Class of 2016 // High School Senior Portrait Photographer

This girl was all smiles and just made me laugh the entire session! She has the most beautiful brown eyes that glowed in the soft afternoon light. Avery had asked for Fall colors, so we headed to Marine Park in downtown Bellingham where the Fall colors were bright and beautiful. One of my favorite pictures is with her in the cobalt blue top in the Fall leaves. OMG! She’s stunning!

I loved getting to know miss Avery and wish her the absolute best for her last year in High School.2015-11-11_00192015-11-11_00202015-11-11_00212015-11-11_0022 2015-11-11_0023 2015-11-11_0024 2015-11-11_0025 2015-11-11_0026 2015-11-11_0027 2015-11-11_0028 2015-11-11_0029 2015-11-11_0030 2015-11-11_0031 2015-11-11_0032 2015-11-11_0033 2015-11-11_0034 2015-11-11_0035 2015-11-11_0036 2015-11-11_0037

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Lauren and Drew // Roche Harbor Wedding on Friday Harbor

Remember last week when I said that Sodo Park was one of my favorite places to take pictures? Roche Harbor is my other favorite. I am always excited to get wedding inquiries when they involve Roche Harbor or any place on Friday Harbor. I have said it before, but Friday Harbor is my little piece of Heaven on Earth. Every time I am there I just feel at peace and so in love with the world.

When Lauren and Drew met with me last year to talk about their wedding, I was so excited to find out that we had a ton in common. We had the opportunity to spend a whole day with each other for their engagement session (totally forgot to blog that one). It was fun getting to know them better. I also loved getting to know their family and friends at their wedding. Lauren’s brother was the DJ for the day and was amazing! He definitely got the party started! This group was so much fun and had such high spirits, even though it rained.

Speaking of rain…It was the first rain we had the whole summer. Lauren and Drew had some great luck on their wedding day because right before the ceremony it cleared up, just in time for the staff at Roche Harbor to move their wedding stuff outside. We even got lucky because the sunset was AMAZING that night! I think I got some of the best shots I have ever taken with that sunset. Lauren and Drew were so easy going through the whole day. They never stressed about the weather and just had a great time with lots of laughter and smiles.

I loved all their little Disney details. As a Disney lover myself, shooting this wedding was like being in a fairytale. 2015-11-08_0074 2015-11-08_00762015-11-08_00802015-11-08_00772015-11-08_00822015-11-08_00782015-11-08_00792015-11-08_00812015-11-08_0083 2015-11-08_00752015-11-08_0084 2015-11-08_0085 2015-11-08_0086 2015-11-08_0087 2015-11-08_0088 2015-11-08_0089 2015-11-08_0090 2015-11-08_0100 2015-11-08_00912015-11-08_00922015-11-08_00932015-11-08_00942015-11-08_00952015-11-08_0101 2015-11-08_00962015-11-08_00972015-11-08_00982015-11-08_00992015-11-08_0102 2015-11-08_0103 2015-11-08_0104 2015-11-08_0105 2015-11-08_0106 2015-11-08_0107 2015-11-08_0108 2015-11-08_0109 2015-11-08_0110 2015-11-08_0111 2015-11-08_0113 2015-11-08_01122015-11-08_0114 2015-11-08_0115 2015-11-08_0116 2015-11-08_0117 2015-11-08_0118 2015-11-08_0119 2015-11-08_0120 2015-11-08_0121 2015-11-08_0122 2015-11-08_0123 2015-11-08_0124 2015-11-08_0125 2015-11-08_0126 2015-11-08_0127 2015-11-08_0128 2015-11-08_0129 2015-11-08_0130 2015-11-08_0131 2015-11-08_0132 2015-11-08_0133 2015-11-08_0134 2015-11-08_0135 2015-11-08_0136 2015-11-08_0137 2015-11-08_0138 2015-11-08_0139 2015-11-08_0140 2015-11-08_0141 2015-11-08_0142 2015-11-08_0143 2015-11-08_0144 2015-11-08_0145 2015-11-08_0146 2015-11-08_0147 2015-11-08_0149 2015-11-08_01482015-11-08_0150 2015-11-08_0151 2015-11-08_0152 2015-11-08_0153 2015-11-08_0154 2015-11-08_0155 2015-11-08_0157 2015-11-08_01562015-11-08_0158 2015-11-08_0159 2015-11-08_0160 2015-11-08_0161 2015-11-08_0162 2015-11-08_0163 2015-11-08_0164 2015-11-08_0165 2015-11-08_0166 2015-11-08_0167 2015-11-08_0168 2015-11-08_0169 2015-11-08_0170 2015-11-08_0171 2015-11-08_0172 2015-11-08_0173 2015-11-08_0174 2015-11-08_0175 2015-11-08_0176 2015-11-08_0177 2015-11-08_0178 2015-11-08_0179 2015-11-08_0180 2015-11-08_0181

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Bellingham, Washington Senior Portrait Photographer: Rebecca – Class of 2016

I love shooting in the Fall, but the weather is so unpredictable and can be a bit challenging. This was a perfect example of that. I hadn’t even been able to put miss Rebecca in my calendar because we had to reschedule so many times because of bad weather. It was a total last minute thing to get this girl photographed, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet with her. She is truly such a sweet girl and so funny! Going through the photos to chose which ones would make the blog was so much fun. I was laughing at all the silly faces Rebecca made. Most of the time, seniors are so nervous, but I doubt that was the case here with Rebecca. She was such a natural in front of the camera.

This year I haven’t shot much in Bellingham. Not because I don’t want to, but most seniors always have other places they want to go to. It was a treat for me to be able to shoot in one of my favorite places: Marine Park. It’s so beautiful this time of year!2015-11-11_0038 2015-11-11_0039 2015-11-11_0040 2015-11-11_0041 2015-11-11_0043 2015-11-11_00422015-11-11_0044 2015-11-11_0046 2015-11-11_00452015-11-11_0047 2015-11-11_0048 2015-11-11_0050 2015-11-11_0049 2015-11-11_0052 2015-11-11_0054 2015-11-11_00532015-11-11_0055 2015-11-11_0057 2015-11-11_00562015-11-11_0058 2015-11-11_0059 2015-11-11_0060

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Philippe and Aimee at Sodo Park // Seattle Wedding Photographer

I really love sharing weddings on here. It’s like a secret that’s building up inside of me and I feel so good once I share it! I know it sounds strange, but it’s such a sigh of relief really once I post a wedding on here. These weddings are so important to me and mean so much, but it takes me so long to blog them sometimes. I am working on it, I promise!


I love that every wedding is so unique. The colors may be similar, the traditions are similar, but the actual story of the day is so unique and different from the last wedding. I love downtown weddings! I loved that Aimee and Philippe included their adorable dog, too. I am such a sucker for dogs! If I could, I would be working with animals for a living. Their little Boston Terrier was the sweetest, cutest thing. I was so in love with him, I convinced my husband that the next dog we get has to be a Boston Terrier!

Another fun fact about this wedding was that Aimee technically had 2 different dresses on and din’t tell anyone but her mother and myself. It was one dress, but for the ceremony and majority of the day, she wore a skirt over it. Then, after the ceremony, she changed and took of the shirt and wore just the dress. It was two very different and unique looks, but both so gorgeous. The wedding was held at Sodo Park in downtown Seattle. This is one of my all time favorite places to shoot a wedding at. I love the rustic look, yet when you step outside, it’s so very urban and has a completely different look and feel. Kind of like Aimee’s dress!

2015-11-05_0066 2015-11-05_0067 2015-11-05_0068 2015-11-05_0069 2015-11-05_0070 2015-11-05_0071 2015-11-05_0072 2015-11-05_0073 2015-11-05_0074 2015-11-05_0075 2015-11-05_0076 2015-11-05_0077 2015-11-05_0078 2015-11-05_0079 2015-11-05_0080 2015-11-05_0082 2015-11-05_00812015-11-05_0083 2015-11-05_0085 2015-11-05_00842015-11-05_0086 2015-11-05_0087 2015-11-05_0088 2015-11-05_0089 2015-11-05_0090 2015-11-05_0091 2015-11-05_0092 2015-11-05_0093 2015-11-05_0094 2015-11-05_0095 2015-11-05_0096 2015-11-05_0097 2015-11-05_0098 2015-11-05_0099 2015-11-05_0100 2015-11-05_0101 2015-11-05_0102 2015-11-05_0103 2015-11-05_0105 2015-11-05_01042015-11-05_0106 2015-11-05_0107 2015-11-05_0108 2015-11-05_0109 2015-11-05_0110 2015-11-05_0111 2015-11-05_0112 2015-11-05_0113 2015-11-05_0114 2015-11-05_0115 2015-11-05_0116 2015-11-05_0117 2015-11-05_0118 2015-11-05_0119 2015-11-05_0123 2015-11-05_01202015-11-05_01212015-11-05_01222015-11-05_0124 2015-11-05_0125 2015-11-05_0126 2015-11-05_0127 2015-11-05_0128 2015-11-05_0129 2015-11-05_0130 2015-11-05_0131 2015-11-05_0132 2015-11-05_0133 2015-11-05_0134 2015-11-05_0135 2015-11-05_0136 2015-11-05_0137 2015-11-05_0138 2015-11-05_0139 2015-11-05_0140 2015-11-05_0141 2015-11-05_0142 2015-11-05_0143

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Bellingham, Washington Wedding Photographer: Paul and Sarah

Trying to figure out what to blog next is always so hard for me. In between the time I blog one thing to the next, so much has already happened and I always feel like I have to catch up. Then I wonder: does anyone even read my blogs anyway?! Just keep blogging… just keep blogging…. just keep blogging……

Wedding season is pretty much over for me, with the exception that I have one this weekend in Eastern Washington and then the final wedding of the year mid-December in California. I’m hoping that with the slowing down of things, this will give me the opportunity to catch up on wedding blogs (I say that as if it’ll really happen, but I think we all know how bad I am at blogging… wishful thinking I guess). I have some new goals for myself for the end of the year, which entails me blogging a wedding (or something) a week. So here we go!

There have been SOOO many weddings this year, and all have been absolutely spectacular. I absolutely LOVE what I do! Sometimes I pinch myself. How did I get so dang lucky?! Not to mention the incredible people I get to work with who are so sweet and fun, who inspire me with their love. You know when you smile so much your face hurts? This would be me at the end of a wedding day. I meet so many neat people at weddings and feel such a connection to each one, even though they are so very different. I love watching all the different types of people at weddings, too. People watching is one of my favorite things to do.


This wedding was very special to me. When I first moved back to Washington, this family was one of the first I met. They have been the most loyal clients and friends. I have taken their kids senior pictures and now Sarah’s engagement and wedding photos. They are such a sweet family. I fell in love with Paul’s family as well. Not only were so super sweet, but they were so fun and hilarious! At one point during the reception, Paul’s dad got on a chair and was dancing on the chair! It was a wedding I didn’t want to see end. It was one of the most memorable weddings I have ever shot to this day. The love between Paul and Sarah is so pure and sweet. Paul was so sweet and gentle with Sarah and treated her like a real princess. Speaking of princess… this honestly could have been a Cinderella wedding! From Sarah’s amazing dress to all the Disney Princess movies Paul gave to Sarah as a gift and even the story of how these two met. It was all one special fairytale.

It was so fun to go back and look through all their photos again and relive the day.




2015-11-05_0002 2015-11-05_0003 2015-11-05_0004 2015-11-05_0005 2015-11-05_0006 2015-11-05_0007 2015-11-05_0008 2015-11-05_0009 2015-11-05_0010 2015-11-05_0011 2015-11-05_0012 2015-11-05_0013 2015-11-05_0014 2015-11-05_0015 2015-11-05_0016 2015-11-05_0017 2015-11-05_0018 2015-11-05_0019 2015-11-05_0020 2015-11-05_0021 2015-11-05_0022 2015-11-05_0023 2015-11-05_0024 2015-11-05_0025 2015-11-05_0026 2015-11-05_0027 2015-11-05_0028 2015-11-05_0029 2015-11-05_0030 2015-11-05_0031 2015-11-05_0032 2015-11-05_0033 2015-11-05_0034 2015-11-05_0035 2015-11-05_0036 2015-11-05_0037 2015-11-05_0038 2015-11-05_0039 2015-11-05_0040 2015-11-05_0041 2015-11-05_0042 2015-11-05_0043 2015-11-05_0044 2015-11-05_0045 2015-11-05_0046 2015-11-05_0047 2015-11-05_0048 2015-11-05_0049 2015-11-05_0050 2015-11-05_0051 2015-11-05_0052 2015-11-05_0053 2015-11-05_0054 2015-11-05_0055 2015-11-05_0056 2015-11-05_0057 2015-11-05_0058 2015-11-05_0059 2015-11-05_0060 2015-11-05_0061 2015-11-05_0062 2015-11-05_0063 2015-11-05_0064 2015-11-05_0065



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Outdoor Boudoir – Styled Shoot

This Summer I kind of got in a rut. I was itching to do something creative and different but couldn’t figure out what I wanted. I was complaining to my best friend about my frustration and she suggested doing a styled shoot. Something different and edgy, something I had never done before. Yes, I have done outdoor boudoir shoots, but nothing in the water and nothing quite as edgy as I wanted. I still wanted to keep it classy, though.

On the way to the place where I had envisioned doing this styled shoot, we ran into some construction and we had to take a detour. That detour led me down a road I was actually familiar with. So we ended up doing the styled shoot in a place I used to train for my half marathon. It was fun to go back and actually use the spots I had dreamed of using. Funny how things work out that way.

Thank you to the amazing Nikki Molinar for helping with the hair and makeup. She drove all the way up from Kirkland, WA. I always love working with that girl. And a huge thank you to Anna Goad for modeling for us. She is so professional and sweet! She was on my model list for a long time and I was so glad to finally use her for this. She was freezing cold, but so professional and easy to work with. Not to mention fun!2015-09-17_0001 2015-09-17_0002 2015-09-17_0003 2015-09-17_0004 2015-09-17_0005 2015-09-17_0006 2015-09-17_0007 2015-09-17_0008 2015-09-17_0009 2015-09-17_0011 2015-09-17_00102015-09-17_0012 2015-09-17_0013 2015-09-17_0014 2015-09-17_0015 2015-09-17_0016 2015-09-17_0017 2015-09-17_0018 2015-09-17_0019 2015-09-17_0020 2015-09-17_0022 2015-09-17_00212015-09-17_0024 2015-09-17_00232015-09-17_0025 2015-09-17_0026 2015-09-17_0027 2015-09-17_0028 2015-09-17_0029expl

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