Kayla and Corbin / Bellingham, Washington Wedding Photographer

Kayla was very open in sharing that her favorite season was Fall. She loved the colors and really wanted that to be seen in the photographs. Not only did we spend time taking pictures in downtown Bellingham, we did it on a gorgeous Fall day! I was so in love with her beautiful Autumn bouquet and the awesome boutonnieres. Everything was Fall themed, including the delicious spiced cupcakes and centerpieces.

These two have been sweethearts since Middle School! Can you believe that?! They have been through so much, including long distance dating and moving to be near each other. Their love is so precious and sweet. Their vows were melt-worthy (lots of tears!). This was definitely a super, fantastically mushy wedding and I loved every bit of it! 2016-01-30_0044 2016-01-30_0045 2016-01-30_0046 2016-01-30_0047 2016-01-30_0048 2016-01-30_0049 2016-01-30_0050 2016-01-30_0051 2016-01-30_0052 2016-01-30_0053 2016-01-30_0054 2016-01-30_0055 2016-01-30_0056 2016-01-30_0057 2016-01-30_0058 2016-01-30_0059 2016-01-30_0060 2016-01-30_0061 2016-01-30_0063 2016-01-30_00622016-01-30_0066 2016-01-30_0064 2016-01-30_00652016-01-30_0067 2016-01-30_0068 2016-01-30_0069 2016-01-30_0071 2016-01-30_0072 2016-01-30_0073 2016-01-30_0074 2016-01-30_0075 2016-01-30_0076 2016-01-30_0077 2016-01-30_0078 2016-01-30_0079 2016-01-30_0080 2016-01-30_0081 2016-01-30_0082 2016-01-30_0083 2016-01-30_0084 2016-01-30_0085 2016-01-30_0086

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Mia and Adam at Sodo Park / Seattle, Washington Wedding Photographer

You may or may not have noticed I have been a bit MIA on the blog for a couple weeks. I have been painting my house, which has left me sore and so tired! My hands and fingernails and covered in dried paint. Needless to say, I have slacked on the blog a bit, but for good reason. I am a much happier home owner now!


Mia and Adam are a super fun and silly couple. You can definitely tell they are each others best friends! I loved that Mia wanted to spend a little of the portrait time right in the heart of Seattle. I especially loved that they had their reception at Sodo Park. That place is magical! It’s the perfect place to get married at in downtown Seattle. The toasts were lighthearted and perfectly sweet, just like the cake.


2016-01-30_0003 2016-01-30_00022016-01-30_0004 2016-01-30_0005 2016-01-30_0006 2016-01-30_0007 2016-01-30_0008 2016-01-30_0009 2016-01-30_0010 2016-01-30_0011 2016-01-30_0012 2016-01-30_0013 2016-01-30_0014 2016-01-30_0015 2016-01-30_0016 2016-01-30_0018 2016-01-30_00172016-01-30_0019 2016-01-30_0020 2016-01-30_0021 2016-01-30_0022 2016-01-30_0023 2016-01-30_0024 2016-01-30_0025 2016-01-30_0026 2016-01-30_0027 2016-01-30_0028 2016-01-30_0029 2016-01-30_0030 2016-01-30_0031 2016-01-30_0032 2016-01-30_0033 2016-01-30_0034 2016-01-30_0035 2016-01-30_0036 2016-01-30_0037 2016-01-30_0038 2016-01-30_0039 2016-01-30_0040 2016-01-30_0041 2016-01-30_0042 2016-01-30_0043

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Kendra // Bellingham, WA Maternity Photographer

Kendra is one of my favorite people to photograph and collaborate with. She is full of talent and I was thrilled she let me take her maternity pictures for her. Especially in these amazing gowns! Sew Trendy Accessories has the most beautiful maternity dresses I have ever seen. After this session with Kendra, I think I am going to start offering special maternity sessions like this one! We had a blast and loved being up in the snow. 2016-01-12_0001 2016-01-12_0003 2016-01-12_00022016-01-12_0004 2016-01-12_0005 2016-01-12_0006 2016-01-12_0007 2016-01-12_0008 2016-01-12_0009 2016-01-12_0010 2016-01-12_0011 2016-01-12_0012 2016-01-12_0013 2016-01-12_0014 2016-01-12_0016 2016-01-12_00152016-01-12_0017 2016-01-12_0019 2016-01-12_00182016-01-12_0020 2016-01-12_0021 2016-01-12_0022 2016-01-12_0023

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Kristin and Alex at the Copper Creek Inn // Mt Rainier Wedding Photographer

It’s funny the things you remember when looking back at the photos. One thing I remember was that Kristin was so happy! I remember how fun everyone was and how easy this wedding was to photographer (despite it being a little chilly and drizzly). It’s was the perfect Pacific Northwest type wedding. The wedding was at the gorgeous Copper Creek Inn, which I had never been to before. All their friends had camped out around the property which was so fitting since they are such outdoorsy people.

The wonderful Emily from Manett Gracie was there to help coordinate/decorate. There were so many beautiful personal touches that Kristin and Alex included in their wedding. They made is very special for them and their family. The cake was made from a friend and the officiant was Kristin’s brother. I loved that their friends played a big part in the ceremony too. What a wedding!

2016-01-08_0020 2016-01-08_0021 2016-01-08_0022 2016-01-08_0023 2016-01-08_0024 2016-01-08_0025 2016-01-08_0026 2016-01-08_0027 2016-01-08_0028 2016-01-08_0029 2016-01-08_0030 2016-01-08_0031 2016-01-08_0032 2016-01-08_0033 2016-01-08_0034 2016-01-08_0035 2016-01-08_0036 2016-01-08_0037 2016-01-08_0038 2016-01-08_0039 2016-01-08_0040 2016-01-08_0041 2016-01-08_0042 2016-01-08_0043 2016-01-08_0044 2016-01-08_0045 2016-01-08_0046 2016-01-08_0047 2016-01-08_0048 2016-01-08_0049 2016-01-08_0050 2016-01-08_0051 2016-01-08_0052 2016-01-08_0053 2016-01-08_0054 2016-01-08_0055 2016-01-08_0056 2016-01-08_0057 2016-01-08_0058 2016-01-08_0059 2016-01-08_0060 2016-01-08_0061 2016-01-08_0062

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Red Riding Hood Styled Shoot

This is the time of year when I can catch up on life, reorganize my house, start new TV show binge watching and do fun styled shoots (personal shoot). This one in particular, I have had on my mind for at least a couple years. Every Winter passes and I didn’t get it done. This was the year I was going to do it though!

Someone that inspires me to push myself is Emily Soto and Amanda Diaz. These two ladies are truly artists in my opinion. They are so creative and do some really crazy stuff with their photographs, yet they are so pretty and soft. I especially love Amanda’s outdoor stuff. I love shooting weddings and am always inspired when I get to photograph them, but I also love doing something so different and unique that requires me to get out of my comfort zone.

Of course I had the help of my dear friend, Kendra Hittinger, who never ceases to amaze me with her talent (hair and makeup). She executes my visions perfectly. I just wish she didn’t live so far away! And a HUGE thank you to the lovely Rebecca who modeled for me. You may recognize her because she is one of my seniors from earlier this year. She’s so sweet and easy going! I always love spending time with her.

This is not the last you have seen from my styled shoots. I have one more I am dying to show you! 2016-01-08_0001 2016-01-08_0002 2016-01-08_0003 2016-01-08_0004 2016-01-08_0006 2016-01-08_00052016-01-08_0007 2016-01-08_0009 2016-01-08_0010 2016-01-08_0011 2016-01-08_0012 2016-01-08_0013 2016-01-08_0014 2016-01-08_0015 2016-01-08_0016 2016-01-08_0017 2016-01-08_0018 2016-01-08_0019

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Viktoryia and Brennan Elopement

A couple weeks ago I got a message from Viktoryia asking if I could shoot an elopement for her and her fiance. I was so excited! Not only do I adore Viktoryia, I love her family too! Viktoryia modeled for me a few years ago for a special stylized shoot and was now getting married to a super sweet guy. When the day finally came around, it was FREEZING cold and windy on top of that, but they both were troopers. We went to a few different spots around Bellingham and I can’t decide which ones I like best. I was so impressed with Viktoryia for doing her own hair and makeup. She looked absolutely gorgeous! These two are so stinkin’ cute and great at getting their pictures taken. I couldn’t be happier for them.

2016-01-04_0001 2016-01-04_0002 2016-01-04_0003 2016-01-04_0004 2016-01-04_0006 2016-01-04_00052016-01-04_0007 2016-01-04_0008 2016-01-04_0009 2016-01-04_0010 2016-01-04_00122016-01-04_0011 2016-01-04_00142016-01-04_00162016-01-04_0017 2016-01-04_0019 2016-01-04_00182016-01-04_0021 2016-01-04_0022 2016-01-04_0023 2016-01-04_0025 2016-01-04_0026 2016-01-04_0027 2016-01-04_0028 2016-01-04_0029

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Matt and Amanda at Roche Harbor // Friday Harbor Wedding Photographer

It’s a new year and as I have been reflecting on the beautiful weddings I have been able to photograph this year,  I am SO excited for all the amazing weddings I get to photograph this next year. Last year I had the opportunity to photograph a small wedding in Paris, and this Summer I have the opportunity to photograph a wedding in London (Newcastle to be exact)! There are no words to describe how excited I am to travel to another country again and explore the beautiful land. I absolutely LOVE traveling and going on adventures (especially when it’s with my husband).

As I look back on this last year, 2015 has been so wonderful to me. I have been able to travel more than I ever have, I have met some truly incredible people and I have seen some beautiful love stories. My life is truly blessed by everyone I have met. This year I am working on perfecting my photography skills, fine tune some things, learn new editing/photoshop, getting out of my comfort zone, and maybe taking up calligraphy. Who knows…

This was one of my last weddings of the year (2015) and it was at one of my favorite places… Roche Harbor. I know I have said it again, but it’s truly spectacular there. I’m always thrilled to shoot a wedding there! Matt and Amanda have some really fun group of friends who made the day so much fun. I loved getting to know them and loved how chill they both were. Amanda was pure class! She was an absolutely STUNNING bride! Her style was simple and elegant and she pulled it off with flying colors. And that bouquet!!! OMG, one of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen! It was truly such a fun day. A little chilly, but so much fun!


2016-01-03_0001 2016-01-03_0002 2016-01-03_0003 2016-01-03_0004 2016-01-03_0005 2016-01-03_0006 2016-01-03_0007 2016-01-03_0008 2016-01-03_0009 2016-01-03_0011 2016-01-03_00102016-01-03_0012 2016-01-03_0013 2016-01-03_0014 2016-01-03_0015 2016-01-03_0016 2016-01-03_0017 2016-01-03_0018 2016-01-03_0019 2016-01-03_0020 2016-01-03_0021 2016-01-03_0026 2016-01-03_00222016-01-03_00232016-01-03_00242016-01-03_00252016-01-03_0027 2016-01-03_00702016-01-03_00712016-01-03_0029 2016-01-03_0030 2016-01-03_0031 2016-01-03_0032 2016-01-03_0033 2016-01-03_0034 2016-01-03_0035 2016-01-03_0036 2016-01-03_0037 2016-01-03_0038 2016-01-03_0039 2016-01-03_0040 2016-01-03_0041 2016-01-03_0043 2016-01-03_0044 2016-01-03_0045 2016-01-03_0046 2016-01-03_0047 2016-01-03_0048 2016-01-03_0049 2016-01-03_0050 2016-01-03_00652016-01-03_00662016-01-03_00672016-01-03_00682016-01-03_00692016-01-03_00512016-01-03_00522016-01-03_00532016-01-03_00542016-01-03_00552016-01-03_00562016-01-03_00572016-01-03_00582016-01-03_00592016-01-03_00602016-01-03_00612016-01-03_00622016-01-03_00632016-01-03_0064

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Spring Beach Styled Wedding Shoot

My sweet friend Jade is beyond talented, not just doing hair and makeup, but also styling fake weddings. I loved being able to work with her and her boyfriend for this shoot. It was fun to see her use her amazing talents to put this all together. I was thrilled she had asked me to photograph it all for her! When she was looking for a florist, I knew exactly who to call… From The Ground Up Floral! I posted a styled shoot a few weeks ago that she also helped with. She is just crazy talented with her floral creations. Plus, I adore Gina as a friend. She’s so sweet and easy to work with. We shot this gorgeous styled shoot at Rosario Park in Anacortes. I liked the location so much, I used it for an engagement session later in the year!

Jade wore a gorgeous Sarah Seven dress from The Dress Theory in Seattle. I love working with them and love the style of dresses in that store. Sarah Seven is definitely a favorite of mine. Her dresses are so classy and elegant and perfect for beach or Summer weddings. I especially love shooting her dresses in the wind because they photograph so beautifully.


It has been so hard not to post this immediately! From the moment we took these, I have wanted to share them with the world. This was such a special styled shoot.


2015-12-05_0040 2015-12-05_0041 2015-12-05_0042 2015-12-05_0044 2015-12-05_00432015-12-05_0045 2015-12-05_0047 2015-12-05_00462015-12-05_0048 2015-12-05_0051 2015-12-05_00492015-12-05_00502015-12-05_0052 2015-12-05_0053 2015-12-05_0054 2015-12-05_0056 2015-12-05_00552015-12-05_0057 2015-12-05_0058 2015-12-05_0060 2015-12-05_0061 2015-12-05_0062 2015-12-05_0063 2015-12-05_0064 2015-12-05_0065 2015-12-05_0067 2015-12-05_0068 2015-12-05_0069 2015-12-05_0070 2015-12-05_00732015-12-05_0074 2015-12-05_00712015-12-05_00722015-12-05_0075 2015-12-05_0076 2015-12-05_0077 2015-12-05_0079 2015-12-05_00782015-12-05_0080 2015-12-05_0081 2015-12-05_0082 2015-12-05_0083 2015-12-05_0084 2015-12-05_0085 2015-12-05_0086 2015-12-05_0088 2015-12-05_00872015-12-05_0089 2015-12-05_0090 2015-12-05_0091 2015-12-05_0093 2015-12-05_00922015-12-05_0095 2015-12-05_00942015-12-05_0096 2015-12-05_0097


Dress: The Dress Theory Seattle, Sarah Seven
Rings: Bayside Coin & Jewelry
Hair: Jacq Eastlick of Salon Bellissima
Flowers: From the Ground Up Floral
Groom: Shoes- Clark’s Desert Boot, Everything Else- H&M
Models: Jade Shallcrass and Bryce Rochon
Cupcakes and Cake: Cupcakes Like it Sweet
Makeup: Jade Shallcrass
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Megan – Class of 2016 // High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Megan is such a sweetheart! I was thrilled to be able to photograph this gorgeous Senior. Every year I donate a senior portrait session to the Lynden cheerleaders fundraiser, and she was the lucky winner this year. She has such great style and I loved that she wanted to wear a hat in her photos. I love the pictures on the beach the most, but she seems so in her element in the fields. I absolutely LOVED photographing her darling freckles! I wish her the absolute best in her last year in high school.

Going through these photos really makes me miss Summer. I can’t wait for next years summer seniors!



2015-11-17_0020 2015-11-17_0021 2015-11-17_0022 2015-11-17_0023 2015-11-17_0024 2015-11-17_0025 2015-11-17_0026 2015-11-17_0027 2015-11-17_0028 2015-11-17_0029 2015-11-17_0030 2015-11-17_0031 2015-11-17_0032 2015-11-17_0033 2015-11-17_0034 2015-11-17_0035 2015-11-17_0036 2015-11-17_0037 2015-11-17_0038 2015-11-17_0039


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