Seattle Senior Portrait Photographer: Miss Nina – Class of 2016

Nina is one of my brides’ little sister. I loved spending the day with her and was so hoping she would want me to photograph her senior pictures. She is gorgeous inside and out! She is such a fun, happy girl, too. I wish I saw more of her and her sister. They are such a sweet family and truly have blessed my life.

Nina lives a bit far from me, so we decided to meet in Seattle at Discovery Park (my favorite place to take pictures in Seattle). This place has so many great places to shoot at and at one place!

Nina is super talented and has the greatest smile. I love photographing girls laughing and smiling. “Happy girls are the prettiest” – Audrey Hepburn


2015-08-23_0020 2015-08-23_0021 2015-08-23_0022 2015-08-23_0023 2015-08-23_0024 2015-08-23_0025 2015-08-23_0026 2015-08-23_0027 2015-08-23_0030 2015-08-23_00292015-08-23_0031 2015-08-23_0032 2015-08-23_0033 2015-08-23_0034 2015-08-23_0035 2015-08-23_0036 2015-08-23_0037 2015-08-23_0039 2015-08-23_00382015-08-23_0040 2015-08-23_0042 2015-08-23_0041 2015-08-23_0044 2015-08-23_0045 2015-08-23_0046 2015-08-23_0047 2015-08-23_0048 2015-08-23_0049



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Senior Portrait Photographer: Miss Mackenzie Class of 2016

This girl is so beautiful and so unique! I loved getting to know her (we both share a love for animals). I am so excited to see where she goes in life after High School. She will make a great Vet!

The other day I was at the Northwest Fair and was in the photography area. I always love to see what other people do and take pictures of. I often know some of the people who take pictures and love to see their work. I was so shocked to see a picture Mackenzie had taken that was up on the wall (and it had a ribbon next to it too)! She never mentioned that she did photography or anything during out session. She had taken a great shot of a building. I love meeting seniors with so much heart and talent like this girl. She’s a true gem!

Makeup by miss Anna Anderson.


2015-08-23_0019 2015-08-23_0018 2015-08-23_0017 2015-08-23_0016 2015-08-23_0015 2015-08-23_0014 2015-08-23_0012 2015-08-23_00132015-08-23_0011 2015-08-23_0010 2015-08-23_00092015-08-23_00072015-08-23_0008 2015-08-23_0006 2015-08-23_0005 2015-08-23_0004 2015-08-23_0003 2015-08-23_0002




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Happy 4th of July! – A 4th of July Wedding at Swiftwater Cellars

Happy 4th of July! – A 4th of July Wedding at Swiftwater Cellars

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July and that everyone will be safe.

Last year I was celebrating the 4th wth these adorable people. Not only were they some of the kindest people I have ever met, but they were a blast to get to know and party with. I loved the sweet little details that Brittany put in the wedding. Her style is truly incredible as well! There were so many sweet and tender moments during getting ready and even during the reception. This wedding holds a very special place in my heart. It was one of those days you dont want to be over. I love being able to go back into the photos and remember how I was feeling. I know Brittany and Keith feel the same way.

I love being able to be a part of weddings. These are such special times and the emotion of the day is so raw and incredible. I truly love weddings!


This lovely wedding was celebrated at the gorgeous Swiftwater Cellars in Cle Elum. I can’t wait to go back therem someday! One of my favorite moments was when Francys (my second photographer) and I started taking pictures and a gust of wind blew Brittany’s veil up! It’s one of my very favorite images of all time. Its so real and her expression at that moment was priceless. The little ring bearer was a doll too! He was so fun to watch all day.


PS- Aren’t Brittany’s eyes incredible?! I love the two colors! I am so thrilled that later this year I get to take their maternity photos!


2015-07-02_0015 2015-07-02_0016 2015-07-02_0017 2015-07-02_0018 2015-07-02_0019 2015-07-02_0020 2015-07-02_0021 2015-07-02_0022 2015-07-02_0023 2015-07-02_0024 2015-07-02_0025 2015-07-02_0026 2015-07-02_0027 2015-07-02_0028 2015-07-02_0029 2015-07-02_0030 2015-07-02_0031 2015-07-02_0032 2015-07-02_0033 2015-07-02_0034 2015-07-02_0035 2015-07-02_0036 2015-07-02_0037 2015-07-02_0038 2015-07-02_0039 2015-07-02_0040 2015-07-02_0041 2015-07-02_0042 2015-07-02_0043 2015-07-02_0044 2015-07-02_0048 2015-07-02_0045 2015-07-02_00472015-07-02_0049 2015-07-02_0050 2015-07-02_0052 2015-07-02_00512015-07-02_0053 2015-07-02_0054 2015-07-02_0055 2015-07-02_0056 2015-07-02_0057 2015-07-02_0058 2015-07-02_0059 2015-07-02_0060 2015-07-02_0061 2015-07-02_0062 2015-07-02_0063 2015-07-02_0064 2015-07-02_0065 2015-07-02_0066 2015-07-02_0067 2015-07-02_0068 2015-07-02_0069 2015-07-02_0070 2015-07-02_0071 2015-07-02_0072 2015-07-02_0073 2015-07-02_0074 2015-07-02_0075 2015-07-02_0076 2015-07-02_0077 2015-07-02_0078 2015-07-02_0079 2015-07-02_0080 2015-07-02_0081 2015-07-02_0082 2015-07-02_0083 2015-07-02_0084 2015-07-02_0085 2015-07-02_0086 2015-07-02_0087 2015-07-02_0088 2015-07-02_0089 2015-07-02_0090 2015-07-02_0091 2015-07-02_0092 2015-07-02_0093 2015-07-02_0094 2015-07-02_0095 2015-07-02_0096 2015-07-02_0099

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Ferndale Washington Senior Portrait Photographer: Ferndale High School Class of 2016 – Miss Anastasia

April is one of my favorite months for photoshoots (I may be a bit biased because I do love Springtime). Most of all, I love the beautiful pink Cherry Blossoms that bloom that time of year. I was so thankful that Anastasia was interested in doing some photos in them. She is very sweet and I look forward to having her as a rep for me this year.

Going through these photos made me realize that photographing senior truly makes me so happy. I love spending time with these girls and getting to know them. They are so fun and at such a fun stage in their life. They remind me to always try and stay young at heart.2015-07-01_0029 2015-07-01_0030 2015-07-01_0031 2015-07-01_0032 2015-07-01_0033 2015-07-01_0034 2015-07-01_0035 2015-07-01_0036 2015-07-01_0037 2015-07-01_0038 2015-07-01_0039 2015-07-01_0040 2015-07-01_0041 2015-07-01_0042 2015-07-01_0043 2015-07-01_0044 2015-07-01_0045 2015-07-01_0046 2015-07-01_0047 2015-07-01_0048



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Bellingham Washington Senior Portrait Photographer: Squalicum High School Class of 2016 – Miss Lauren

This girl is so much fun! And I am not just sayin that because I also shot her sisters senior pictures, or because I am friends with the family, but because it’s the honest truth. I love this girls energy, excitmenet and kindness. She brightens the mood in any room! Her friends are truly lucky to have her. She almost feels like my little sister. We had a blast on this session. So much so I didn’t want to end the photoshoot.


I look forward to seeing where this girl goes. She’s bound for greatness (and so is her amazingly talented sister). Thank you, Lauren for being my senior rep this year!

2015-07-01_0001 2015-07-01_0002 2015-07-01_0003 2015-07-01_0004 2015-07-01_0005 2015-07-01_0006 2015-07-01_0007 2015-07-01_0008 2015-07-01_0009 2015-07-01_0010 2015-07-01_0012 2015-07-01_0013 2015-07-01_0014 2015-07-01_0015 2015-07-01_0016 2015-07-01_0017 2015-07-01_0018 2015-07-01_0019 2015-07-01_0020 2015-07-01_0021 2015-07-01_0022 2015-07-01_0023 2015-07-01_0024 2015-07-01_0025 2015-07-01_0026 2015-07-01_0027 2015-07-01_0028

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International Wedding Photographer: Paris Wedding – Lisa and Chad

I dont even know where to begin. I seriously waited years to photograph a wedding in Paris, France! It may have been freezing cold and super windy, but it was so very sweet to go around the town of Paris and photograph this gorgeous couple and their love. People from all around came to photograph this couple (I think they may have thought that they were famous or something). I could have spent all week photographing this couple! Not to mention Lisa’s incredible dress! OMG!

I invited my assistant Francys and her husband (Tobler Films) to tag along and we had such a blast. I want to make this a yearly thing. You an see the video Rob put togethr here: Rob is truly a genius! I loved the footage he captured and the music he put to the video. It brought me right back to Paris and the deep love I have for it. I need to go back next year!

I am so exicted to finally get to share these images with you! Enjoy! 2015-06-01_0001 2015-06-01_0092 2015-06-01_00932015-06-01_0002 2015-06-01_0004 2015-06-01_0005 2015-06-01_0006 2015-06-01_0007 2015-06-01_0008 2015-06-01_0009 2015-06-01_0010 2015-06-01_0011 2015-06-01_0012  2015-06-01_0014 2015-06-01_0015 2015-06-01_0016 2015-06-01_0017 2015-06-01_00192015-06-01_0018  2015-06-01_0020 2015-06-01_0021 2015-06-01_0022 2015-06-01_0023 2015-06-01_0024 2015-06-01_0025 2015-06-01_0026 2015-06-01_0027 2015-06-01_0028 2015-06-01_0029 2015-06-01_0030 2015-06-01_0031 2015-06-01_0032 2015-06-01_0033 2015-06-01_0034 2015-06-01_00362015-06-01_0035  2015-06-01_0037 2015-06-01_0038 2015-06-01_0039 2015-06-01_0040 2015-06-01_0041 2015-06-01_0042 2015-06-01_0043 2015-06-01_0044 2015-06-01_0045 2015-06-01_0046 2015-06-01_0047 2015-06-01_0048 2015-06-01_0049 2015-06-01_0050 2015-06-01_0051 2015-06-01_0052 2015-06-01_0053 2015-06-01_0054 2015-06-01_0055 2015-06-01_0056 2015-06-01_0057 2015-06-01_0058 2015-06-01_0059 2015-06-01_0060 2015-06-01_0061 2015-06-01_0062 2015-06-01_0063 2015-06-01_0064 2015-06-01_0065 2015-06-01_0066 2015-06-01_0067 2015-06-01_0068 2015-06-01_0069 2015-06-01_0070 2015-06-01_0071 2015-06-01_0072 2015-06-01_0073 2015-06-01_0074 2015-06-01_0075 2015-06-01_0076 2015-06-01_0077 2015-06-01_0078 2015-06-01_0079 2015-06-01_0080 2015-06-01_0081 2015-06-01_0082 2015-06-01_0083 2015-06-01_0084 2015-06-01_0085 2015-06-01_0086 2015-06-01_0087 2015-06-01_0088 2015-06-01_0089 2015-06-01_0090 2015-06-01_0091


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Seattle, Washington High School Senior Portrait Photographer: Hannah – Class of 2015

I love this girl. SO MUCH! I met Hannah years ago when her mom and I would hang out together and learn photography back in Roswell, NM. I have watched her grow into such an incredible women. Hannah and her mom flew out here for me to take her senior pictures and I was so honored she would travel so far. We spend a day shopping and looking for new clothes and accessories (Hannah LOVES accessories!). Hannah was so comfortable in front of the camera, which I think is due to the fact that her mother is an amazing photographer and has had plenty of practice being a model for her. I so wish I could be there for her graduation and wish even more than we had more time to spend together or lived closer. Hannah and I both share a love for music and movies and we could have talked about both all day long. Did I mention I did her hair and makeup? I was pretty happy with how it all turned out.


This girl is going to do something big! I can’t wait to see what it is.

2015-05-18_0001 2015-05-18_0002 2015-05-18_0003 2015-05-18_0004 2015-05-18_0005 2015-05-18_0006 2015-05-18_0007 2015-05-18_0008 2015-05-18_0009 2015-05-18_0010 2015-05-18_0011 2015-05-18_0012 2015-05-18_0013 2015-05-18_0014 2015-05-18_0015 2015-05-18_0016 2015-05-18_0017 2015-05-18_0018 2015-05-18_0019 2015-05-18_0020 2015-05-18_0021 2015-05-18_00232015-05-18_0022  2015-05-18_00262015-05-18_0024 2015-05-18_0025  2015-05-18_0027 2015-05-18_0028 2015-05-18_0029 2015-05-18_0031 2015-05-18_0032 2015-05-18_0033 2015-05-18_0034 2015-05-18_0035 2015-05-18_0036 2015-05-18_0037 2015-05-18_0038

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