I started photography as a way to take better pictures of my kids, until I realized how much I enjoyed taking pictures of other people (ironically my kids hate getting their pictures taken). I love the connections and friendships I make with each of my clients. I love getting to know everyone I photograph and hearing stories about their lives. People are truly fascinating and I love being able to tell their story through photographs.

Fun Facts:

Music is my first love. I have been a singer all of my life and thought I would be a performer when I grew up.

I am obsessed with dogs! I have a Puggle (Jax), a Boxer (Bowby) and I would have more dogs if my husband would allow it.

I love to travel and dream of living in Paris someday.

I am a total movie junkie. I took a couple of film classes in High School and fell in love with movies and the whole process of making films. I could go on and on about great films… Just ask!

I’m currently obsessed with all things Outlander, Game Of Thrones and Big Brother. So good!